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Excise and Taxation Department Gilgit-Baltistan Provides web based digitized data over the internet. The use of live web has eliminated the chance of fake Vehicle registration. The  Data Base of two Districts Excise and Taxation offices (Gilgit & Ghanche) are currently online connected with main Database located at Directorate of Excise and Taxation Gilgit-Baltistan ,whereas the remaining districts of Excise and Taxation would soon be online.

You can view the basic details of a vehicle registered with Excise Department, GB here,
Like Owner Name, Engine # and Chassis # :

IMP NOTE: We are currently updating our data base and replacing with new Motor Vehicle Registration & Taxation Management System. All new data of vehicles registered with Excise and Taxation Department Gilgit Baltistan will be uploaded soon on our website. Be patient, if your vehicle record is not showing!

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