About Us

The Excise & Taxation was established in 2009 as a provincial Department. Its main objective is to collect provincial taxes levied by the Legislative Assembly Gilgit Baltistan (Henceforth written as GB) under the aegis of GB Self Governance and Empowerment Ordinance, 2009.

Given its peculiar constitutional status, the GB region is exempted from federal and provincial tax regimes in vogue in the rest of the country. The government of GB formed the department primarily to introduce the tax culture in the region in phases.

At present, the Excise & Taxation Department GB is collecting token taxes only. Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) section of Excise and Taxation Department Gilgit Baltistan at present is fully functional in all districts of GB. The Excise & Taxation Department has been properly handling Motor Vehicle Registration, fee and other allied taxes.