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....Performance of the Excise & Taxation Department in terms of achievement of revenue targets set by the provincial government during the last Twelve years, could be perused in the following table:-

Annual Revenue Target
Total Revenue Collection
Recovery Percentage (%)
1 2009-10 20.00 million 31.18 million 155.9%
2 2010-11 30.00 million
32.75 million 109.1%
3 2011-12 38.00 million 37.12 million 97.6%
4 2012-13 50.00 million 53.66 million 107.3%
5 2013-14 1.5 Billion 46.8 million 0.03%
6 2014-15 50.00 million 52.00 million 104%

2. Field Operations
....Joint operation/campaign with Traffic Police Gilgit, Skardu, Diamer, Astore & Ghizer against illegal fancy.registration Marks/ stolen vehicles and token tax evaders in all districts of province action through serving of day notices.

Average Rs. 25,000/- recovery on daily basis.

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