Establishment Of District Excise Offices In All Districts Of Gilgit-Baltistan.


Strengthening newly established department and enhance capacity of attached departments to provide better facilities to the public of Gilgit-Baltistan. At present department facing huge financial and managerial constrains due to non-availability of infrastructure for Excise & Taxation Department and its sub ordinate offices in all Districts.
It is also learnt that the owners of these rented buildings sign lease for one year only with yearly demands of unreasonable and abnormal increase in the rents or vacation of buildings otherwise. These departments cannot even make necessary arrangements for efficient and proper disposal of the routine work simply because it would be completely inadvisable to incur government money in terms of physical arrangements on rented buildings like furniture and fixture, alteration/utilization of space as per requirement etc. due to sensitive nature of vehicular data and secret matters of revenue collection and tax related record, the files of which needed to be kept in strong rooms which is not possible in rented office buildings.
This uncertainty and intrusion by the owners cause a sense of restiveness which ultimately hampers the progress of the departments other than payment of huge amount on account of rents of office buildings. Whereas, the office buildings are the dispensable and unavoidable need for the departments which will prove to be a real assets in future for Government.

The scheme “Establishment of District Excise Offices and Excise Police Stations” is reflected in ADP: 2014-15 at Sr. No. 5 and proposed in all Districts of Gilgit-Baltistan at a cost of Rs. 80.000 million.

Updated Status of

Establishment of District Excise & Taxation Offices in all districts of Gilgit-Baltistan.


Name & Location of the Scheme
Approved Cost
Date of Approval
30 June

Allocation for
Physical Achievement
up to 30-5-2017


04 Establishment of District Excise & Taxation Offices in all districts of GB.
Component wise physical activities is as under
  B&R Division Gilgit.

 --do--      0 Case for allotment of 2 kanal state land has been submitted and is under process in the office of D.C Gilgit.
  B&R Division Skardu.
 --do--      0 Construction work of District office Skardu 100% completed finishing work is under process.
  B&R Division Astore. 2.820
 --do--      0 Tender has been recently awarded to the contractor . Land development is under process .
  B&R Division Ghizer.
  --do--      0 Construction work of District office Ghizer is at Finishing level.
  B&R Division Diamer.
  --do--      0 Land had been allotted by CS G.B but due to court case by local people work has not been started. Compensation amount has been placed to DC Diamer for private land.
  B&R Division Ghanche. 13.713
  --do--      0 Construction work of District office Ghanche up to Roof level.
B &R Division Hunza Nagar

  --do--      0 Case has been submitted in Works Department at TS level.



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