Motor Vehicle Registration and Taxation Management System for Excise & Taxation Department GB. (MVRTMS)

The Excise and Taxation is very potential area for income generation to be used for the welfare of the people of the region. The main objective of the concept is for computerized registration of vehicles. Due to non provision of funds the objective could not be achieved so far.
Hence, to tailor the envisaged objective a scheme titled “Motor Vehicle Registration and Taxation Management System for Excise & Taxation Department G-B. (MVRTMS)” has been included in the ADP 2015-16 and approved with a cost of Rs. 89.990 million and allocation of Rs.1.00 for the current financial year.

Project Objectives:
What warrants its inclusion in the Plan?
Relationship of the project with the objectives of the Sector. Indicate the contribution of the project quantified if possible to the target in the five-year and the names of other projects, which would form a part of an integrated program with the sector.

Computerization/ Implementation of GB-MVRTMS in order to enhance income, through introduction of computerized system is quite essential. Through computerization the process can be made very speedy, safe and invulnerable to misappropriation in one hand and manifold increase in the income on the other hand. This computerization can also help online calculation and online verification.

• Registration Automation
• Efficient Collection of Revenue
• Centralized Database
• Control in Vehicle Related Crimes
• Registration of Vehicles through Centralized Database.
• Identifying & Revalidating Vehicle & Entity of questionable origins
• Deregistering off-road vehicles & Registering vehicles not in net (deregistering)
• Maintaining correct and updated database
• Checking & Controlling Vehicle Theft & Document Forgery
• Ensuring tracking and on-the-spot verification of Vehicle
• Budgeting Vehicle Tax Revenue Accurately (revenue)
• Collecting Revenue through automated tracking and follow up
• Policing, Vehicle Fitness, Emission Control, Security.
• Providing the vehicle ID number for integration with the taxation system & other traffic related Databases.

Updated Status of

Motor Vehicle Registration and Taxation Management System for Excise & Taxation Department GB. (MVRTMS)


Name & Location of the Scheme
Approved Cost
Date of Approval
June 2017
Physical Achievement
up to 30-5-2017


Motor Vehicle Registration & Taxation Management System (MVRTMS)
MOU was signed between Excise Department Punjab and E&T, Department GB on 06-12-2016
Objective was Replication of ET&NCT Punjab MTMIS Software in E&T department GB
Case for obtaining NOC for procurement of Vehicles has been sent to Finance Department Gilgit-Baltistan. PC-1 has been submitted to Planning Dept. for revision, due to inclusion of Estb. of Data Center and oracle licensing etc.

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